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Why ABC Future?

If you are one of the many international students looking to study abroad and tried to apply directly, you should then be familiar with how intense and complicated the process can be; from filling the paperwork to getting the acceptance at the institution you intend to study at; you will be overcome by the many steps and requirements for the registration. Higher education abroad is a dream for many students and their families. At ABC FUTURE, we work hard to enable you to get into the university or college of your dreams in Turkey without the hasstle of encumbering you with the many complicated processes and procedures needed to get there.

Here are the top six reasons to apply for studying in Turkey through us:

1- At ABC Future you are more than an application

Every applicant is part of our mission, our success story and the applicants. Our vast experience takes every student from the registration process all the way to the acceptance. ABC Future will be your navigation system throughout the complex process of getting the acceptance you desire in order to fulfill your dreams.

2- ABC Future enables you

Our team works directly with more than 200 universities around Turkey. Our relationship with them is well established and was built on trust and quality outcome and students. We are always up-to-date with all the programs’ and universities’ processes and procedures.

3- Get the most out of your hard-earned money

ABC Future commits to a completely free acceptance fee for private universities and up to 75% discount with many universities with no didden fees or charges. We help you avoid any pitfalls that would incur any unnecessary charges. Our team is committed to help you achieve your goal.

4- Registration is just the beginning

At ABC Future, we offer a full suite of services covering vast areas of acceptance courses such as YOS, SAT, ACT, and TOMER. We also offer visa assistance and pre-departure advice. We help you with all your needs while living abroad including medical insurance, accommodations, and banking services.

5- At ABC Future, you are family

While at getting your degree, ABC Future will always be there for you. Our committment to you does not stop after the registration and acceptance period; we stay with you every step of the way throughout the degree sought and will provide any support needed during the way. At ABC Future, you are not just an applicant, you are part of our family of students.

6- ABC Future a living network

ABC Future builds its reputation on the absolute success of their students and applicants; hundreds of students who graduated told their success story through our support and you should view some of those heartwarming journeys. We are proud of our achievements and we strive to create more success stories with you.