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Ahi Evran University Online YÖS Exam

Ahi Evran University Online YÖS Exam

  • 25/08/2020
  • 487

ABC Future Education Consultancy gives International Students the chance to take the YÖS Exam for education at Ahi Evran University.

With this exam, you can both get the opportunity to study at Ahi Evran University and apply to more than 65 universities.


About YÖS Exam:

Exam Date


Exam Time

12:00 / Turkey Local Time

Deadline for Application


Exam Fee

100 $

Exam Questions

Total 80 Questions (Basic Learning Skills Test)

Exam Duration

135 Minutes


IQ, Mathematics and Geometry


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Contact : +90 553 333 78 33 Mr. Murat Cengiz



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