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Apply to Study in Turkey Step by Step
With ABC Future

1  Research

Before you start any step and talk to our professional consultants, visit our website specially designed for you and get an idea about your preferred field of study and gether details of the study programs. Prepare a list of your wishes and then narrow your choices. Don't worry if you don't know where to start! Talk to our professional consultants and get the help to get started!

2  Talk to our specialized consultants

After the search and preparation process, request an appointment through the form and talk to ABC Future's professionally accredited consultants, many of them were once an international students like you. These counselors are characterized by a spirit of friendliness, multilingualism and their ability to provide professional advice. After that you will be ready, as the academic advisor will help you determine the university and the appropriate specialization for your future.

3  Preparing the necessary papers

After determining the university and the desired specialization, you must prepare the necessary papers that will be determined by your adviser and fill out the online form correctly.

4  Apply to the University

After completing the necessary documents and completing the online form, ABC Future's registration team will present your papers to the university professionally and commit to following them seriously.
We also rely not only on paperwork, but your advisor will follow up your profile personally by communicating with your chosen university to improve your chances of being accepted.

5  Evaluation and acceptance

The process of evaluating your application at private universities may take 3 to 10 days and in public universities a few weeks and will vary depending on the criteria of the university you are applying for.
Upon obtaining approval from the university, your advisor will read the letter of acceptance with you carefully and verify all the required conditions.

6  Student visa

After obtaining university admission in Turkey you must apply for a student visa through the Turkish Consulate in your country taking into consideration that there are countries that do not have a visa.
Your advisor will provide you with all the necessary information to facilitate your visa.

7  Get ready to travel

Once you have received your visa, your advisor will contact you to schedule your travel and provide you with the necessary advice that you should take care of in order to facilitate your travel and make your educational adventure abroad more enjoyable.

8  Welcome to Turkey

Do not worry! You are not alone; you have become a member of the ABC Future family. We will meet you and greet you at the airport and take care of all the necessary items that needs your immediate attention. This includes accommodations, student residence card, banking services, health insurance, obtaining a SIM card, and anything else that would make your stay in Turkey better than you expected! Welcome to the rest of your life!

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